Love Food, Love Yourself: Exploring Health After 40

How To Fix Your Relationship With Food

August 11, 2020 Macala Wright
Love Food, Love Yourself: Exploring Health After 40
How To Fix Your Relationship With Food
Show Notes

In this episode, we discuss how to fix your broken relationship with food. I've created a series of questions to help explore your eating habits and identify where the disconnection between you and your food lies. This is an activity that you can do over the course of several days, writing it down in a journal or in a moble note. The questions in the podcast and the full episode transcript is available at Grace, Grit & Wit. 

In our last episode, we talked about how our relationship with food became so fragmented and broken, especially for multi-ethnic women over 40, like myself. In this episode, we’re going to go through a series of questions and exercises that can help begin to heal that relationship. 

So how do you begin to fix your relationship with food? 

The first thing you have to do... is stop. 

Stop reading books, stop reading blogs, unfollow all the so called social media gurus. Just stop. And once you’ve taken a break from it all, and had a chance to breathe, you can then come back and begin to learn anew. 

Pause here if you like...If you do decide to keep listening however, you should still take that break, and come back to this again at a later date. Whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here waiting for you.  

Now that you’ve taken some time to clear your head, we can go back to the basics. To begin, you have to ask yourself some simple questions: 

“What are my health goals?”, and “What do I want my relationship with food to be?” I’m sure you can think of several goals with relative ease.

  1. I want to have more energy. 
  2. I want to change my body composition; i.e. lose body fat, and gain more muscle
  3. I want to get better quality sleep.

Your list can be as long or as short as you like, just be sure these goals matter to you.  After you’ve made this list, then you’re going to want to write down your daily routine so that you can figure out where you are in relation to those goals. 

Over the course of (at least) three days, keep track of your daily routine and note your patterns. Write down the time you wake up, your activities throughout the day, write down what you eat, and when, write down everything you do.

You want your notes to be very detailed. For example, you want to write down where you are when you eat, the amount of time you spent doing so (it can even help to write down your thoughts and feelings during these times). 

This exercise will help you identify your habits and patterns, especially where your relationship to food is concerned.  

Find all the questions here: